I will go back to writing about Gandoca- but the end of project got a little exhausting and my blogging started deteriorating……

Friday I’m sitting on the S shuttle travelling between Times Square and Grand Central station. My landlord has asked for rent in a money order and I’m thinking about the logistics of that. I also begin to realize that I should’ve been getting the shuttle all week and not the 7 train. It’s less walking and no stops.

With an awareness that I am learning how to navigate this enormous city, it suddenly hits me. I’m living in New York. I can feel tears stinging my eyes. Tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of pride. It’s been tough work getting here. Visas, flights, insurance, health checks, academic requirement and of course the seemingly endless search for housing.

I’ve been sleeping on Suz’s couch in West New York, New Jersey. Starting as acquaintances I can firmly say now I have a friend in New York. Suz and I met in Costa Rica- for a total of one night. She stayed in the hostel in San Jose while I was trying to work out if I needed a visa. We hit it off straight away. When she offered her couch as first contact point, I told her I would probably take her up on that offer, and if she didn’t really mean it she should retract it there and then. She didn’t retract it. And when I eventually emailed to say when I was coming, she was accommodating and enthusiastic. Even when my flights was delayed and I arrived at her place at 1.45 in the morning……. she was either going to love or hate me. Glad it was the former.

So now I have an apartment, I’m actually sad about leaving her, despite the couch as my bed.

House hunting in New York is an absolute nightmare.

Actual statements in ads for share housing include:

  • I would prefer someone that wasn’t here much.
  • Room for rent. No cooking.
  • We don’t have guests, overnight or otherwise and we expect the same for you.
  • There is a train stop right next to the window, but it’s not that bad really.
  • Must be 420 friendly… (google it)

Norv says that it’s a city that will chew you up and spit you out if you let it. After a week I’m happy but exhausted and hoping it starts to feel a bit easier….